Get unstuck from anxiety, overwhelm, procrastination, while learning to gently transform your relationship with yourself and your circumstances.

the swiss army knife of transformation

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you want to experience joy in your life regardless of circumstances

you feel stuck in a cycle of 'blah' or 'off'

you don't feel like 'yourself'

let me help!

you want to grow as a person but aren't sure where to start

you feel unsure of what to do next in your life and/or how to find joy in the now

find real joy despite your circumstances

are you ready to learn the tools to 

let's do this!

There will always be hard things in life, but learning the tools to create and hold a vision of joy for your own life can help you take charge of the way you experience both the ups and downs of life.

life doesn't have to feel so heavy

What's the bottom line?

Producing the JOY We Want
Creating a vision of JOY... say goodbye to living a life trying to avoid worst-case scenarios

The Formula for Growth
How to tackle your vision so it works, avoiding overwhelm & shut down.

The Domino Effect
Learn how to shift negative thoughts/anxiety to peace without gaslighting yourself.

The Most Magical Question to Ask
Cut your suffering in half (at least) with this simple self-inquiry.

Figuring out what you want and need
This is where you pick up momentum.

Investigating What Keeps us Stuck
Why you keep doing stuff you say no to/don’t want or like to do/procrastination.

What it is, and what it isn't (I promise you will learn something new here).

The Formula of Forgiveness
How to forgive when it's hard ( most people leave out the most important step that changes everything).

Most people have them backward, learn to create ones that work!

Confirmation Bias & Biological Filters
Learn to transform how you actually feel.

Language Upgrades
Feel your mood shift when you learn these hacks.

Building self-trust through a morning routine with UNSTUCK SHEETS
This is the Swiss army knife of journaling and how I trained my brain to unhook from anxiety, achieved goals and changed the trajectory of my life.

Dismantling Anxiety & Overwhelm 
Learn how to order chaos with a variety of techniques that work!

Gratitude & Celebration
Learn how and why this is necessary to produce a more joyful life…trust me, there is some unexpected information that makes a difference!

for a more joyful life

14 modules

14 modules for a whole toolbox of resources to help you move from 'surviving' to thriving.

Private Podcast of all modules
My "Unstuck Worksheets"
Unstuck Journal Sheets




recovering play-it-safe-a-holic;
novice bad ass

I spent a decade stuck in anxiety, self doubt and procrastination. I learned what worked and what didn’t and now I coach others how to get unstuck so they can create the life they want.

What sets me apart is my approach. Rather than merely addressing surface-level symptoms, I delve deep into the root causes of your patterns. Through a blend of intuitive insight and well-honed coaching techniques, I help you unearth the underlying issues that have kept you stuck for years.


student success stories

“I have paid coaches $1,000 an hour, and I can honestly say I got more from JOY Bootcamp in those few weeks than I did in 6 months of sessions.”

"more than I got in 6 months of sessions" 

"...contained more information that I can immediately implement and see change with than I’ve gotten from years of therapy. Therapy certainly has its place, but these tools are amazing. I see change already..."

"more change than I've gotten from years of therapy..."

“Priceless investment in my mental and emotional health! I got more tools in less time and spent way less than I have on therapy.”

"priceless investment"

“I got so much out of JOY Bootcamp! I loved the short 15-20 minute video sessions that ended with action steps for me to work on that day!”

"i got so much out of joy bootcamp!"

“I don’t think I can properly put into words what participating in Jaime’s Joy Boot Camp has done for me. It is bar none one of the absolute best things I have ever done for myself."

"bar none one of the absolute best things i have ever done for myself"

“I felt completely stuck and powerless, like a victim of my circumstances. Jaime’s guidance on making choices to take some power back and moving forward with intention was INVALUABLE. I’m so grateful for everything I learned. I will use the lessons I learned the rest of my life.”

"i will use the lessons for the rest of my life"

"This course really helped me. I was under an extreme amount of stress at the time I signed up. Family members were sharing their personal stresses with me and it was really piling up. I still use some of the techniques I learned to deal with anxiety and I developed courage to set boundaries with others."

"I developed courage to set boundaries with others."

"Everyone can benefit from joy boot camp! Especially if you struggle with your thought life, it’s a great tool to look at your thoughts in a way that doesn’t bring condemnation. It gives you the ability to have new language and investigative skills on your thought patterns that provide more freedom to your everyday thought loops." 

it’s a great tool to look at your thoughts"

Yes! These concepts work to both cut off the fuel supplies to excess worry, and they work to produce joy! Many past participants have reported having drastic shifts in the severity and frequency of anxiety. You will especially love 'the domino effect' module!

If I have anxiety will this help?

No. All of the videos are pre-recorded and can be watched at your convenience.

Do I need to watch the videos live?

Each module is under 20 minutes long! The concepts may take some time to 'stick' though so you may want to rewatch, which is where lifetime access comes in handy! The time needed in the workbook really depends on how deep you choose to go. You can skim the surface and go faster, but I encourage you to take the time to really utilize these resources and find lasting change.

How long does each module take to complete?

You will have lifetime access as well as access to any updates as they come out.

How long do I have access to the modules?

Frequently Asked Questions

Many Joy Bootcampers report that this was the best investment they have made in a long time. The experienced first hand how the investment in themselves trickled down to their whole family.

Investing in myself feels hard, I'm not sure I can justify the cost.

Almost there!