In this do at your own pace course you will learn how to navigate your own triggers and learn a holistic approach to be a powerful resource to your anxious child or teen.

teaching your child to navigate their anxiety is a skill that will serve you and your child their entire life!

parenting an              child


Its tempting to do one of four things when your child is anxious:

Is there anything more heart breaking that watching your child living a life full of fears and retreating? You may have tried everything you can think of only to see your child continuing to struggle.

Feel peace and confidence that comes from navigating your own triggers and overwhelm and become empowered with proven strategies to help your child or teen become brave and resilient.

I've been parenting an anxious child for 20+ years.

i know how it feels

let me help!

Fix it
*creating safety in external circumstances increasing anxiety as a way of life and is eventually digested by the child as criticism.

Force it
*stretching a child far beyond what is tolerable creating a system of stress and shutdown as a way of life.

Gas Light it
*”You aren’t stupid” sounds loving but can leave a child isolated, questioning themselves and eventually outsourcing intuition and self trust.

Focus solely on the SYMPTOMS of anxiety
*much like giving your child anti-diarrheal medication for tummy issues without looking for causes. Dismantling the anxiety in the moment is only PART of the process which is why this course is robust!
You'll learn new tools to shift your own perspective, as well as your child's.

The videos will teach you how different techniques can be used to respond to the many situations that arise in raising anxious kids. 

Helping parents go from being frustrated, helpless, and overwhelmed to knowing what to say, do, and more importantly, what not to say when raising an anxious child.

learn the tools to go from hopeless to empowered

parenting is hard

  • Use self defeating language
  • Exclude themselves from activities because of fear
  • Ask “what’s next?” often
  • Loop in their worries, unable to let them go.
  • They often stare off into space or have a blank stare
  • Complain of stomach pain or digestive issues without an illness
  • Have a hard time being alone or being in silence
  • Have a hard time transitioning
  • Struggle when routine is changed
  • Get overly emotional (angry, sad, fearful) when something is scary
  • Their zest for life disappears in uncertain circumstances
  • Your child exhibits traits of perfectionism or pleasing
  • Your child is isolating
  • Child has a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep
  • Your child is a picky eater, eats too little or too much
  • Your child chews nails, hair or picks at skin
You may have an child/teen struggling with anxiety if they:

is your child anxious?

  • Your child’s big emotions trigger emotional upset for you.
  • You are feeling guilty or burnt out from patenting a child with anxiety
  • You are ready to navigate heavy emotions from a place that feels calm and resourced.
  • You are excited to develop great emotional resiliency in yourself and your child.
  • Your child is in therapy or not in therapy and are looking for to be a powerful resource for your child.
  • The eco system of your family rotates around the emotional needs of your anxious child and are ready to restore balance.
This course may be for you as a parent if:
let's do this!

My hope and desire through this course is for parents to feel supported in their journey or parenting a child with anxiety.

The goal is not to cure their anxiety but to provide you, as a team, the necessary tips and methods to handle these big emotions. My hope is that these tools will cause their anxiety to become less frequent and less severe.

My greatest desire is that these tools give you and your child the power over their anxiety instead of anxiety having the power over them. 

parenting an anxious child can be hard.

What's the bottom line?

less frustration + raise a happier, more resilient child.

enjoy more peace

On Demand Video Modules
Downloadable workbook
BONUS Anxiety TOOL Kit- series of short instructional videos of activities to do with your children
BONUS audio modules for learning on the go
BONUS video modules for teens & tweens to watch themselves

Parenting An Anxious child


Your child isn’t in therapy, but believe your child is struggling with fears.

You are ready to be a resource throughout the week between therapy appointments to increase rate of healing.

You are ready to see your child grow in self trust and confidence.

You are ready for your connection energy to no longer be taken up by managing your child’s anxiety.

You are ready to equip your child to navigate through their own heavy emotions with resilience

You are ready to release old patterns of “helping” that not longer serve you and your child.

You are ready to learn how to be calm and peaceful even when your child is not.

this course is perfect for you if

let me help!

The concepts are ageless and can be used for anyone navigating anxiety. Some activities are geared for smaller children, some for older. There are even a few video modules for tweens and teens to watch themselves if they are interested.

I have kids multiple ages, will this work for me?

There are no refunds for this course.

If I change my mind can I get a refund?

You have your child more hours than another person and your ability for impact is immense. Whether your child is slightly anxious or heavily anxious, in therapy or not, this course will be a resource to you as the parent and your children.

My child is already in therapy is this for me?

Frequently Asked Questions

No, but applied strategies will help you and your child navigate anxiety quicker and with less intensity!

Will this course cure my child’s anxiety?

While they may not be able to articulate or do all of the activities, I highly recommend getting the course now and letting them grow into concepts. And remember the course is as much for you the mom, as it is for your child!

My child is in preschool, is she too young?

As long as the course is being sold! Many parents report back that they watch the course many times.

How long will I have access to the course?