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Where transformation begins and freedom is found.

Are you tired of feeling trapped in the same old patterns? Do self-doubt, anxiety, procrastination, imposter syndrome, or people-pleasing behaviors hold you back from living the life you desire? It's time to break free from the chains of stagnation and embrace the journey toward profound change.



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Certified Transformational Coach and Master Life Coach, specializing in helping individuals of all ages get unstuck.

You can find me on Instagram as the Unstuckologist, a title that reflects my commitment to guiding people toward liberation from long-standing patterns and limitations.

I'm Jaime,

You Are Not Stuck

"It is never lost on me that all of this started with the decision to work with you. That one step changed the entire course of my existence and I’m so grateful for that. I feel more lucky and grateful than I can put into words. I got a chance to be who I believe I was always meant to be exploring new horizons, and discovering the boundless potential within."  

Sarah B.

Embrace Possibility

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Do any of these sound familiar?

Break Free from Feeling Stuck

You're yearning for something more, but it feels just out of reach.

You have wanted change for years but you end up in the exact same place.

Setting and achieving meaningful goals seems like a distant dream.

Fear and uncertainty are keeping you from taking necessary risks.

At Unstuckology, there's no room for hustle or burnout. Instead, we prioritize alignment and healing at the core.  


Individual Coaching

Personalized support for healing and growth in a container that's customized just for you.



For the woman seeking community, accountability and to find and create their best life in a safe + supportive atmosphere.



Our swiss army knife of transformation, get unstuck from anxiety, overwhelm, procrastination, while learning to gently transform your relationship with yourself and your circumstances.


Parenting an Anxious Child

A self paced course to learn how to better understand and help your anxious child with tools and strategies to also soothe yourself in the more difficult moments.


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I spent a decade stuck in anxiety, self doubt and procrastination. I learned what worked and what didn’t and now I coach others how to get unstuck so they can create the life they want.

What sets me apart is my approach. Rather than merely addressing surface-level symptoms, I delve deep into the root causes of your patterns. Through a blend of intuitive insight and well-honed coaching techniques, I help you unearth the underlying issues that have kept you stuck for years.


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