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Hi! I am Jaime Gordon, a professionally trained Transformational Life Coach who partners with individuals to clarify their vision, break through barriers, and achieve the longings of their hearts in life, relationships and business. In addition to being a wife and mother of 3, I  truly believe in the power of standing with my clients as they do the work of transformation.

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I conduct all of my coaching sessions over the phone.  Why?  It's simple, to remove barriers.  Whether you are in your pajamas, in between meetings at your office, or have kid's home sick....you can keep your commitment to growth.  While I am based in Indiana, I can coach anyone, anywhere that has access to a phone! 

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We all have longings and desires, but life gets busy and we can find ourselves stuck.  I would love to stand with you,  shift perspectives and help you see possibilities so that those longings become a reality.  Are you curious? Great! Lets chat.  I offer free 30 minute consultations.

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"Jaime is an incredibly talented coach. Her guidance has challenged me to think beyond the surface and helped me reveal a career path that aligns more with my passion. Jaime asks the right questions and has helped me to focus and prioritize. Her positive and fun personality make her easy to talk to and wonderful to work with. I feel very supported on the journey toward the realization of my goals. Jaime is truly one-of-a-kind, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for an intuitive, caring, and passionate coach."


"My idea for starting coaching with Jaime was that growth is something I always want to strive for.  What I didn't expect was the amount of growth that can happen in the initial 6 weeks.  Jaime was skilled at listening-not always about what I said with my words but what my heart was saying.  It was through this I learned, on a deeper level, who I am as a person.  Freedom. Hope. Growth. Jaime opened my eyes to a shifting perspective to both live and love by." 


"I just wanted to share with you how incredibly amazing my experience with Jaime Gordon has been over the last couple of months! I signed up to do her 6 week transformational coaching program and have worked through so much that I’ve decided to continue working with her. I’ve been in and out of counseling most of my life and this has been more effective than anything else I’ve ever done!"        


"Jaime challenges me to consider all the options instead of the one that is always resonating in my head. Our weekly conversations have given me the tools to have meaningful conversations with others bringing positive changes to my life. Her step by step approach allows for focus and growth in a time frame that is suitable to my needs."


"Working with Jaime was an amazing experience that I am truly thankful for! In just a few weeks, Jaime was able to really listen to my concerns, clarify my feelings by asking questions and support me in my desire to find new possibilities. Even now, a few months later, I find myself looking at situations with a different perspective - thanks to my work with Jaime. I often think, “What would it look like IF...” which opens up new choices for me. 

I highly recommend Jaime Gordon Life Coaching for anyone who is looking for a positive and supportive resource to stand with you as you set and achieve goals." 


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